• Cooking a dish over the fire
  • Frying a steak on a hot stone
  • Chef cutting sushi rolls
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About us

Kuu – (pronounced Koo) is a word that translates to ‘the art of eating.’ That is more than just a name, it is something that we truly believe in at Kuu. From the elegant plating to the freshness of our fish, art infuses everything we do at Kuu.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Chef Adison Lee got his start under the tutelage of master chef Nobu Matsuhisa of Nobu fame. After further honing his skills in Houston, Chef Lee returned to Nobu to work at the New York location before opening the Nobu in London. After spending time in London, Adison returned to America to open and work in restaurants around the country before finally settling in Texas. Now in Houston, Chef Lee brings his specialty of modern cooking paired with traditional Japanese techniques to Kuu. His gift for combining textures and flavors has allowed him to create his own unique taste that stands out amongst his peers.